Announcing a Status Change For Progrizon, Inc.

In October 2009, Progrizon, Inc. was founded to create exciting new products, services, and training for Cisco’s family of Embedded Management Products. During the past three years we created many original products to enable the development, deployment and management of Apps for Cisco’s Embedded Event Manager (EEM):

  • Progrizon EEM Policy Builder
  • Progrizon EEM Policy Deployment Suite
    1. Progrizon EEM Deployment Application
    2. Progrizon EEM Package Builder
    3. Progrizon EEM Analytics
    4. Integration With Network Management Systems
    5. Progrizon EEM Installer Builder
    6. Progrizon EEM Light Deployment Application
  • Progrizon App Management Tool
  • Progrizon License Manager
  • Progrizon Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Progrizon Web Site -
  • Progrizon App Store -
  • Progrizon Cisco IOS Automation and Customization (CIOSC) Training Course
  • Progrizon Advanced IOS Customization using EEM (ACEEM) Training Course

In July of this year Cisco showed interest in our technologies and asked the Progrizon, Inc. principals to rejoin Cisco and be part of Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) team working on Cisco’s onePK project. After careful consideration we decided to accept Cisco’s offer. Thank you for all of your past support and we hope to meet you again in the future.

The Progrizon products serving Cisco's Embedded Event Manager are available for acquisition. Inquiries will be considered at

Mihyar Baroudi and Clyde Wildes